For those impacted by Silicon Valley Bank's closureIncrease provides financial technology banking services to Ramp, Crowdstreet, Gusto, Modern Treasury, and others. Our customers use our API to manage hundreds of millions of dollars of funds and move billions annually through deposit accounts at our partner banks.Primarily, we serve financial technology platforms running programs for their customers. We also have thousands of commercial banking customers. Typically, founders choose Increase for our transparency, flexibility, and customer service.
If you’re a platform looking for a new financial technology providerWe offer a broad range of financial primitives including For Benefit Of (FBO) and custodial bank accounts, ACH, wires, cards, checks, and Real-Time Payments. We built direct, hard-wired connections into the Federal Reserve, Visa, The Clearing House, and other money movement networks to give you the best performance and detail available.You should email to kick off a compliance and regulatory diligence conversation, but you can also begin your technical integration, developing against our APIs, immediately.
If you’re a business looking for a new commercial bankYou can open an operational account for your corporate funds in minutes. Accounts open instantly and are available immediately.
Frequently asked questions
Is Increase impacted by recent bank failures?
Increase has no exposure to Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate, or Signature Bank. Your integration, and the funds you hold with us, are safe.Your accounts sit with our bank partners, First Internet Bank and Blue Ridge Bank. Neither partner has exposure to Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate, or Signature Bank. We have no concern around our bank partners’ ability to continue operations. Increase, and banking-as-a-service more broadly, makes up a portion of their deposit base but they are well diversified in other areas.More broadly, there's been talk of contagion or additional panic in the ecosystem. The Federal Reserve announced plans to make additional capital available to ensure that all banks are able to meet the needs of their depositors at this time. This is intended to alleviate any such concerns.

Can I use Increase to pull funds from my Silicon Valley Bank account?
Yes, though you may not need this. The Federal Reserve announced plans to make additional capital available to ensure that all banks are able to meet the needs of their depositors.

What kinds of businesses use Increase for commercial banking?
If you’re a new startup or sole proprietor just looking to connect payroll and pay rent, you may be able to use a bank tailored to corporate use cases. We’ve found that Increase is a great fit for experienced founders and fast-scaling businesses, especially those with more advanced use cases.If you’re accepting payments from a large number of customers, for instance, Increase lets you create an account and/or account number for each counterparty. For founders issuing capital calls, Increase lets you send wire drawdown requests. Everything is fully programmable.We don’t have first-party accounting integrations (like Quickbooks) or expense management features like receipt tracking. If these are critical to your business, we recommend Brex, Ramp (for corporate cards and expense management) or Mercury (for business bank accounts). We want you to find a commercial bank that fits your needs well.We built Increase primarily for platforms to manage programs. Our dashboard and APIs may be more ‘industrial-grade’ than you need; many businesses have found that they prefer the power and flexibility.

Bank accounts and banking services are provided by Increase’s partner banks, members FDIC.