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Versioning and backwards compatibility

The Increase API is currently unversioned, meaning we'll never make backwards-incompatible changes such as removing a field from the API without reaching out to you first. We're of course continually making backwards-compatible changes to the API.

Examples of things we do NOT consider breaking include:

  • Adding new API resources.
  • Adding new optional request parameters to existing API methods.
  • Adding new properties to existing API responses. We will occasionally move response fields in the API, and will continue to return the existing field in its previous location, while removing it from our API Reference.
  • Changing the order of properties in existing API responses.
  • Changing the length or format of opaque strings, such as object IDs, error messages, and other human-readable strings. This includes adding or removing fixed prefixes on object IDs, which is done as a convenience but shouldn't be interpreted semantically or relied on. Strings that are marked as const or enum in our API Reference will not change.
  • Adding new Event categories.