Build your bank.

From the Federal Reserve to our own API endpoints.


Banking for developers

Programmatically spin up accounts, move money, issue and manage cards.

Reliable infrastructure

Build and scale financial technology solutions on top of our deep integrations.

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Virtual cards. Our commercial card program is now in beta. Start building with our Cards API.

Banking API

If it can be done, it can be done programmatically.

Anything that you can achieve with PDFs, presence, and persistence in a bank branch you can do with our API. We’ve always wanted a fully programmatic bank so we built one.

Our API faithfully exposes the data and capabilities of the Federal Reserve, Visa, The Clearing House, depository networks, and accounting tools. It’s lovingly boring and exceptionally powerful.

  • curl -X "POST" \
      --url \
      -H "Authorization: Bearer ${INCREASE_API_KEY}" \
      -d $'{
        "name": "New Account!"

    Explore documentation

    We’ve built a complete banking stack. Browse the API reference

    Speed matters

    If you transfer, store, invest, or lend money, we can help you move faster.

    Power your platform

    We put powerful financial infrastructure in the hands of builders. Payroll, lending, investment, and payment platforms use our primitives to launch and scale.You can programmatically spin up bank accounts, move client funds by ACH or wire transfer, and issue cards for tens, hundreds, or millions of your users.

    Scale safely

    From for-benefit-of accounts to escrow services, we enable you to build quickly while ensuring stewardship of the financial ecosystem.We empower you to maintain state-of-the-art compliance programs, while removing opacity and long lead times. You control the end-to-end experience of your users.

    Complete toolbox

    The most powerful banking infrastructure at your fingertips.

    Bank accounts
    Earn interest, store, send, and receive money.
    Virtual cards
    Directly issue and manage payment cards.
    ACH transfers
    Move funds quickly to and from any account accessible by ACH.
    Wire transfers
    Move funds instantly to any account accessible by Fedwire.
    Deposit checks by the API or dashboard.
    Real-Time Payments
    Move money by the always-on RTP network—coming soon!
    Account transfers
    Transfer instantly between your Increase accounts.
    Manage your account with a delightful interface.
    Increase's dashboard interface.
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