If you’re using Increase for commercial banking, the following fees apply.
If you’re a financial technology platform moving funds for your customers, or you have large corporate balances, we have custom pricing. Contact us for details.
Per-Item Fees
Credit Origination$0.50
Debit Origination$0.50
Wire Origination$5.00
Check Printing and Mailing$2.00
Virtual Card Creation$0.25
Real-Time Payments
Real-Time Payment Origination$0.25
Monthly Fees
There are no monthly maintenance, transaction reporting, or book transfer fees for direct accounts.
Users operating in regulated industries (for example, money transmission) may be subject to monthly account fees.
Overdraft Fees
There are no overdraft fees.
Accounts are eligible to receive interest on balances. The interest rate on corporate funds is the Federal Funds Target Rate less 50 basis points with a floor of 0%.

Bank accounts and banking services are provided by Increase’s partner banks, members FDIC.