Plug directly into Fedwire
The original instantaneous money transfer. Send money to any US bank, anytime Fedwire is open.
Fine-grained control
We expose low-level details like Input Message Accountability Data (IMAD).
Drawdown requests
Confirm large amounts with partners before sending.
Approval flows
Optional approval flows add an extra layer of security.
Programmable limits help prevent unintentional or unauthorized transfers.
If it can be done,
it can be done programmatically.
Wire transfers move funds between your Increase account and any other account accessible by Fedwire.
curl -X "POST" \ --url "${INCREASE_URL}/wire_transfers" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer ${INCREASE_API_KEY}" \ -d $'{ "account_id": "account_in71c4amph0vgo2qllky", "account_number": "987654321", "routing_number": "101050001", "amount": 100, "message_to_recipient": "New account transfer", "beneficiary_name": "Ian Crease", "beneficiary_address_line1": "33 Liberty Street", "beneficiary_address_line2": "New York", "beneficiary_address_line3": "NY 10045" }'
Modern Treasury
Increase has been an invaluable banking partner to Modern Treasury. They support innovative, fast growing customers looking for high quality banking technology, and get our mutual customers moving money quickly. They understand the importance of speed to market and provide the right tools for building financial products.
Dimitri Dadiomov
CEO, Modern Treasury

Bank accounts and banking services are provided by Increase’s partner banks, members FDIC.