Card Programs
Card programs, programmatically
Issue customized cards that show off your brand. Approve authorization requests in real-time, or configure limits in the dashboard. Increase is a certified issuer processor and can handle all your issuing needs.
Real-time authorizations
Respond to authorization requests in real-time from your own servers for complete control.
Digital wallets
Add cards to digital wallets like Google Pay or Apple Wallet. Upload artwork and customize card appearance to match your brand.
Instantly available
Create as many cards as you want. They are available to use the second they're created.
Fully control dispute submissions to the network, via the dashboard or API. Webhooks keep you up to date on case progression.
Enhanced purchase data
Get detailed information including L2, L3, rental car and flight data on card transactions.
Fine-grained control
Programmatic control over address verification service (AVS) responses.
Earn interchange on card spend with qualifying volumes.
Physical cards coming soon
Ship physical cards to your customers, customized with your brand.
Build a complete card program
Increase Cards are Visa Commercial credit cards.
curl -X "POST" \ --url "${INCREASE_URL}/cards" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer ${INCREASE_API_KEY}" \ -d $'{ "account_id": "account_in71c4amph0vgo2qllky", "description": "Card for Ian Crease" }'
Precise control over every swipe, tap and click
  • Create an event subscription for the card_authorization_requested event type.
    via the dashboard or a call to POST /accounts.
  • When we receive an authorization, we'll send you a real_time_decision.created event.
  • Retrieve details about the pending authorization.
    Network details like MCC and point_of_service_entry_mode are available.
  • Approve or decline the authorization.
  • Approved authorizations become Pending Transactions.
    And, of course, declined authorizations become Declined Transactions!
curl -X "POST" \ --url "${INCREASE_URL}/event_subscriptions" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer ${INCREASE_API_KEY}" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d $'{ "url": "", "selected_event_category": "real_time_decision.card_authorization_requested" }'
curl -X "POST" \ --url "${INCREASE_URL}/event_subscriptions" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer ${INCREASE_API_KEY}" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d $'{ "url": "", "selected_event_category": "real_time_decision.card_authorization_requested" }'
Modern Treasury
Increase has been an invaluable banking partner to Modern Treasury. They support innovative, fast growing customers looking for high quality banking technology, and get our mutual customers moving money quickly. They understand the importance of speed to market and provide the right tools for building financial products.
Dimitri Dadiomov
CEO, Modern Treasury

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