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Digital wallets

Increase's cards can be added to digital wallet apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay. The customer will see a card image and icon of your brand when they make purchases using tap-to-pay checkout options in stores. There are some rules and recommendations around how to format your digital card.

Card art image

The main card artwork must be a PNG image of 1536 x 969 pixels. This landscape image should look like a card but not include any features that only exist on physical cards like an image of the EMV card chip, an account number, or expiration date. The image should have square corners because the app platform will round the corners differently to match their design standards. The image needs to include a Visa logo, which can be downloaded from their Brand Guidelines portal. Refer to the Visa Digital Brand Guidelines for a full explanation.

Icon image

The icon image must be a PNG image of 100 x 100 pixels. It will be used for mobile notifications related to the card. The icon should be the primary brand associated with the card in the wallet.

Text color

The text color parameter allows you to control the color of the last four digits that are dynamically added to the card art image. This parameter is three numbers between 0 and 255, representing the red, green and blue color channels. This is the same as the rgb(_, _, _) color definition in CSS.


This is an example of how a main image (top) and icon image (middle left) will appear in the Apple Pay digital wallet. The text color is black, or rgb(0, 0, 0).

Apple Pay Example